Tuesday Tips: 5 Thanksgiving Table Top Ideas

Hooray! Thanksgiving is near and everything is set for Thursday.

Well, almost everything. With all the dinner prep, we sometimes forget the small details.

Here are a few cute ideas to make your tabletop more festive. Surprise your guests by adding these easy DIY touches to your dining room table.


Source: DesignDiningDiaper


Gather your candles, gather your leaves, and get popping. Fill large glass tumblers part way with popcorn kernels to add a great base to the different color leaves.


Source: CraftsUnleashed


Put everyone in their place with these personalized, gold-glitter-sprayed pinecone placeholders that will sit pretty on napkins or plates.


Source: Carla Aston Designed


Here’s a floral arrangement that uses the most popular harvest colors. Get creative! Add maple leaves to bring some true harvest happiness to the table.


Source: StyleCaster


Glam up your gourds by cutting the tops and making them into fun tea light holders. They come in many shapes and sizes, so mix and match!


Source: StyleCaster


Get your pumpkin fix! Layer different colored mini pumpkins and gourds in a tall glass vase. The more you stack, the cooler the centerpiece.


These simple craft ideas are a great way to spruce up your décor in a unique, easy-on-the-budget way while avoiding the typical store-bought centerpieces. Happy Thanksgiving!


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