St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and what would any St. Patrick’s Day painting be with out a shamrock??

Well these heart leafed little plants are so fun to make, and we can’t wait to show you how!

Click HERE to watch the FREE video tutorial.

Step 1: Fold a piece of paper in half and draw half of a heart along the folded edge. Our candy cane shaped, half of a heart is about 1-1.5 inches from top to bottom.

Step 2: Cut along your outline. Then, unfold your paper and you’ve got yourself the perfect little heart stencil to make your shamrock!

Step 3: Make a dot just above the center of the canvas, and using your heart as a stencil, place the bottom of the heart on the dot facing up towards 12 o’clock. Use your pencil to trace around the heart.

Then repeat this step two more times, by tracing your heart facing out to the right towards 3 o’clock and then out to the left toward 9 o’clock, leaving a little bit of space in between each leaf.

Voila, you have the top of the shamrock!

Step 5: To make the stem, draw an approximately 1.5 – 2 inch little curved line down from the original dot you made in the middle of your shamrock.

The line should get a little thicker as it goes down. I almost looks like an elongated, curved triangle.

Step 6: Dip a round brush (size 4 or 6) into a little green, white and yellow and fill in your outline! 

We love to let the colors mix on the canvas versus premixing them too much on the palette.

To see this in action, watch the FREE video tutorial HERE.

As you paint, follow the direction of each leaf with the brush.

Make sure to post your little shamrock masterpieces and tag us @thepaintbar on Facebook and on Instagram.

We can’t wait to see your work!