Our pets inspire us in many ways — and many famous artists have been particularly inspired.


In the 1930’s, for instance, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo painted pets into her famous self- portraits. Here she is with a pet spider monkey named Fulang-Chang.


In 1957, the little dachshund “Lump” inspired Pablo Picasso to spontaneously grab a paintbrush at the dinner table and sketch out the pup’s portrait on his plate.


In 1976, Andy Warhol followed suit with one of his most famous prints of the dachshund Archie.


Some of our most popular classes are devoted to painting pet portraits. Painters send us a photograph of their pet and we sketch it out in preparation. At the end of class, everyone walks out with a masterpiece of their beloved pet.


We’ll have another “Paint Your Pet” session soon — stay tuned!