As we begin 2016, we are thrilled to host Nataly Kogan, CEO of happier.com, this Thursday January 7th at our Newton location. Nataly will lead us in an evening of inspiration, including making a gratitude collage to help collect and remember the happy moments that fill our lives with joy.

Nataly believes, and teaches, that life is made of moments- and we should choose to collect and create the happy ones. She’s taught us that happiness is contageous and that expressing gratitude can improve your mood, your health, and your energy!

The Paint Bar team will be spending the month of January re-energizing, fostering creativity, and taking time to seek out more happy moments in our every day lives. We’ll be sharing these moments with you along the way, and hope you’ll join us for #31daysofhappier- because couldn’t we all use a little more happy?

We’d say 2016 is looking very bright.

Feeling inspired? Check out Nataly’s incredible Ted Talk here, to hear her story and learn more about her passion.