Childbirth Education


Class 1: February 7

$225 | Different Stages of Labor and Delivery:

Art Project: Days/Weeks Blocks

Our first class of the childbirth education series will provide you with a detailed understanding of the physical and emotional changes that occur during labor and delivery. This will help you feel more prepared and empowered as you navigate the birthing process. You’ll leave feeling informed about your options during birth and what you can say ‘no’ to in labor! You will also understand how to time your contractions, what a ‘false’ contraction is vs. a ‘real’ contraction, and when to go to the hospital based on your birth goals and pain relief preferences! We will also dive into things that can help you have a faster and smoother labor! You will leave knowing how to handle early, active and transition in labor!

Class 2: March 7

$225 | Coping Strategies for Labor

Art Project: New Baby Door Hanger

This class in the childbirth education series will teach you various techniques for managing the pressures and sensations of labor, including relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and positions for labor. These skills can be incredibly helpful in helping you stay focused and comfortable during all stages of labor (taught in class 1). This is for folks who have goals for an unmedicated or an epidural birth! We will dive into how your partner can best support you in each stage of labor, helpful tools that will act as pain relief, and your many options of medical pain relief! There are a number of options in addition to an epidural and we want you to know what each of those are, the pro’s, the cons and how you can best use each! You will also have time to experience some hands on practice in varying labor and birth positions for you and your partner to practice your new pain relief skills!

Class 3: April 11

$225 | Build a Blueprint for Birth:

Art Project: Personalize Wooden Crate

This childbirth education class provides you a foundation in understanding our nation’s rising c-section rate, contributing factors, and how you can reduce your personal risk when having your baby! You’ll have access to resources to help you have an empowered birth experience no matter what your goals. This is a great discussion for people wanting to explore unmedicated & medicated labor choices, but know they don’t want an unnecessary c-section (obviously medically necessary c-sections are medically necessary). You may be feeling overwhelmed with your options, but this class will break it all down and you will feel confident in your understanding of each ‘type’ of birth and how to reduce your risk of an unnecessary cesarean section. No matter what your birth goals are, you will leave feeling prepared and excited to make choices in labor that align with you! We will also chat about things that can help you have a faster and smoother labor!

Class 4: May 9

$225 | Preparing for Postpartum:

Art Project: Wooden Keepsake Box

The last series of our childbirth education series prepares you for a smooth and joyful postpartum. We will dive into discussions around caring for a newborn (and tips to get them to sleep!), breastfeeding/bottle feeding/formula feeding (and how you can make this as easy as possible on everyone involved), and postpartum recovery (plus what you should have on-hand to help support your body’s healing). This can be especially helpful for first-time parents who may feel uncertain about what to expect after their baby is born, how to structure those early days and week + how to split responsibilities as your family transitions to your new roles. You will walk away from this class feeling ready to meet your little one, confident in your abilities to care for them, and understanding how to best support their development in those first few weeks (while getting you more sleep)!